Hi! I'm Andrea, a Munich and Berlin based Business Director and Creative Brand Strategist. I develop user centered strategies & brand identities that allow them to reach their audience in a meaningful and sustainable way. Because nowadays a brand needs to be so much more than just a product.



Finding your very own sweet spot for your brand and turning it into terrific KPIs: target group analysis / market and playground observation / platform and social media strategy / positioning / social media workshops / concept development


Helping you understand the digital landscape and what’s happening right now in this promising space: brand and strategy workshops / digital and social trends including their opportunities / target group behaviour in digital and social media / team setup and process consulting


Finding a unique look and feel and a strong voice in your digital space: visual storytelling and style guides / textual storytelling and content planning / content production and content management / influencer marketing strategy and consulting

Projectmanagement and Account Direction

From strategy to reality. I help to bring strategies, concepts and stories to life: process establishment and management / team setting and setup / guidance and lead / account direction

Cases & Brands

Google Pixel Launch

Google Pixel Launch


Development and execution of an influencer strategy for the launch of the Google Pixel Phone in Germany focussing on a fashion, lifestyle, music and popculture target group and audience. The strategy focussed on 3 phases: pre-launch, during and post-launch, each including different influencers with different roles during the campaign, focussing on the features of the phone, the campaign was naimed #limitlessme.

My Role

Influencer strategy / concept development / influencer and social media team lead / consulting and project management as well as asset production management

Photo by Ulf Germann

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy


Concepting the overall social media strategy for the brand and ongoing strategic consulting, targeting the development of new and relevant playgrounds and platforms for the brand in a digital lifestyle environment. This consisted of the development of a unique visual look and feel, tone of voice, individual KPI objectives and development (including tracking) and continually growing an influencer network within the lifestyle and urban photography scene in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

My Role

Team lead / ongoing consulting and project management / 360˙ social media and platform strategy / process establishment / KPI development and tracking / campaign alignment with all concurrent marketing activities / content planning and management / influencer strategy and relationship management

Photo by Stefan Goerke

Digital Brand Development

Digital Brand Development


Development and ongoing execution of an EMEA Instagram strategy and process establishment for content production and distribution in all of the brand’s markets, that included growing and developing a digital influencer network around food, drinking culture and lifestyle.

My Role

Social media strategy setup and continuous development / social media workshop / consulting / team lead / process establishment europe

Photo by Daniel Farò



I’m not a one trick pony. I’m good at what I do because I’ve been doing it for a while. But as everyone I’m even better in a team. No matter if it’s your team or mine - here are some of my personal heroes I really love to work with:



Besides being obsessed by thriving brands, innovative founders, the digital landscape, its potential and how it is changing us as a society, I have a love for excellent design, architecture, fashion and art. That's why all things I do are dedicated to a special kind of lifestyle focusing on making brands part of a popculture.

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